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Cognitive Circle

Directions: Point to the circular wheels on the train and say "circle" out loud to your child. Have her repeat the word circle after you. Have her use a purple crayon to colo...

Cognitive Big And Small

Directions: Read aloud to your child each word below: big, small. Have her circle the word that matches the size of the dog and bone on top of the line. Then do the same for ...

Creative School Of Fish

Directions: Have your child use lots of different colored crayons to color the fish and the underwater environment below.

Social Emotional First Signs

Directions: Each time you prepare your baby for bed say "bed" out loud as you sign the word for bed. Do this as soon as you begin your bedtime routine and then again right be...

Cognitive Rectangle

Directions: Point to the rectangles on the fish and say, "rectangle" out loud to your child. Have him repeat the word rectangle after you. Have him color in the rectangles us...

Cognitive Up And Down

Directions: Show your child the word up on the page and ask her what the bird sees up. Then show her the word down and ask her what the bird sees down

Physical Tossing Paper

Directions: Look at the picture below together. Cats love balled up paper. Place a basket a few feet away from your child. Give your child balled up paper and have him toss i...

Language Top To Bottom, Curved Lines

Directions: Have your child start at the black dot and trace the straight lines top to bottom using a black crayon. Then ask him to trace the curved lines top to bottom.

Physical Throwing

Directions: Give your child a ball and ask her to throw it to you, and then throw it back. Start off a foot away from her, and then gradually increase the space up to three f...

Health & Care Monthly Development Log

Directions: Every month use the chart below to record your child’s height, weight, and favorite things.

Creative Black

Directions: With your child, point to the small picture at the top and say "black dog". Have her repeat after you. Have your child color the big dog below using a black crayon.

Physical Let's Sit

Directions: Have your child get on his hands and knees. Explain to him that when he hears you say "sit", he should sit like the dog in the picture with his rear on the floor ...