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Assesstment Test

Our Assessment Test, Daily Plan & Calendar are invaluable tools for teachers and Child Care Centers. The Program was created by our team of specialists based on Early Education Learning Standards and Milestones to cover every one of the SIX Areas of development. The Dashboard makes it easy to manage each child's progress.

Curriculum & Training

Over the last 10 years we have developed, tested and improved, our 300+ Manuals Curriculum, Lesson plans and Custom Six Areas Resources to what is now known as Whole Child Program. The Birth to Age Five Age Manuals, with new and improved audio option makes a amazing tool for Teachers, Babysitters & others Early age Professionals.

Business set up Tools

Our Professional Program provides tools & support from selecting a site and opening a center to selecting personal, parent communication & everyday activities. Our staff and parent manuals, sample contracts and all other business tools are here to help you run a better business.

Whole Child Partners


Teachers have the option to use the Applications as a part of a Child Care or in an Individual Teacher mode. We provide a Whole Child daily curriculum, with Lesson plans, Six Areas Activities & Worksheets, AGE Manuals with Audio Play and a dashboard that help you manage multiple children's progress.


We are raising the bar helping you be a professional by providing: AGE Manuals, with Audio Play and Educational tools to better understand each Age; A dashboard that help you manage multiple children plan and progress; Unlimited Whole Child Six Areas Activities & Worksheets.

Child Care

For Child Care and In-home care facilities, we help you succeed in both aspects: Running a successful business by providing complete solutions from the business startup forms and tools on how to set up the location to staff and parents manuals, contracts and forms. Having a Strong Educational Program by making available our tools: Assessment Test, Daily Plan, Interactive calendar, 300+ Manuals Curriculum and our Age appropriate Six Areas Educational supplies worksheets and activities.

Test Our Birth to Age Five Audio Manuals

Sample from Age Four » Social Development Friendships Social development involves your child’s ability to learn how to communicate better with others, make connections with peers, resolve conflicts, and gain confidence in her abilities and herself...