Whole Child for Professionals is a great tool for Teachers, Baby Sitters and Child Cares

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In order to be able to provide Quality Child Care & Early Age Education, You need to run a successfully Business

Our Team Has Extended Experience in running professional Child Care Centers and educational programs. We have created invaluable tools to raise your professional level and help you everyday.

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Assesstment Test

The WHOLE CHILD Assessment Test, Daily Plan & Calendar Is a invaluable tool for teachers and Child Care Centers. It was developed based on Early Education Learning Standards and Milestones to cover every one of the six areas of development. Program was created by our team of specialists, with the.

Curriculum & Training

We rely on the more than 10 years of practical experiences with early age children in prestigious American and European childcares and kindergartens that applied the WHOLE CHILD method and principles with excellent results. 365 Manuals / Lesson plans... Our App profidess the age guyde Teacher.

Business set up Tools

We have developed and run very efficient & profitable Child Centers ($2M+ Revenue /year $500K+ EBITA) by creating a efficient and organized structure from selecting a site and opening a center to selecting personal, parent communication & everyday activities.

Whole Child Partners


Whole Child offers educational programs, assessment tools and daily activities and worksheets for childcare professionals that will help anyone that aims at a career in early education field and existing teachers get access to the necessary resources.


We are raising the bar helping you be a professional. AGE Manual Educational tools to better understand each Age. A dashboard that help you manage multiple children educational progress. Unlimited Whole Child Activities & Worksheets.

Child Care

For Child Care and In-home care facilities, Whole Child provides complete solutions, from the initial guidelines on how to set up the location to premium management tools and day by day curriculum. Multiple Teachers accounts.