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Creative Coloring

Directions: Get out brown, black, orange, and peach crayons. Ask your child to color the kitten picture according to what number and color is on the key.

Physical Throwing

Directions: Give your child a ball and ask her to throw it to you, and then throw it back. Start off a foot away from her, and then gradually increase the space up to three f...

Creative Green

Directions: Have your child look at the pictures below. Have her color all of the pictures that could be green: plant, frog, tree, shirt.

Social Emotional About Me

Directions: Look in a mirror with your child. Point out your own hair color and your child's. Using whatever crayons she likes, have her draw in the hair color for the boy an...

Social Emotional About Me

Directions: Look in a mirror with your child. Have her color her hair and hairstyle as she envisions it on the head below.

Social Emotional What Color?

Directions: Look in a mirror with your child. Ask her to look at the eye color choices below. Find a crayon color that best matches her eye color, and have her color in her e...

Health & Care Litter

Directions: Sit with your child and show him the picture. Ask him what he sees in the picture. Explain to your child that having trash on the ground is bad for people and ani...

Creative Red

Directions: With your child point to the little boat at the top of the page and say "red boat". Have her repeat after you. Have your child color the boat below using a red cr...

Creative Black

Directions: Point to the black dog and say, "black dog". Have your child trace the word black at the bottom of the page. Next have her draw a picture of a black dog.

Creative Bird At Sea

Directions: Read the rhyme below to your child. Tell her together you will fill in the words that are missing. All of the words rhyme with knee (sea, bee, me, be, see).

Creative Finger Painting

Directions: Give your child black and white finger paint. Have him blend and mix the paint colors together to see the new color: gray. Paint the dog gray.

Cognitive Circle

Directions: Point to the circular wheels on the train and say "circle" out loud to your child. Have her repeat the word circle after you. Have her use a purple crayon to colo...