Age Two

About this age

Two year olds are thirsty for knowledge and are constantly exploring their environment and asking the question “Why?” They are starting to problem solve on their own, make connections, and categorize things based on color, shape, and size. This is an exciting time for your child in which you can introduce them to new languages, skills, and environments.
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Age Two Manual

Cognitive Cognitive

  • Can do simple sorting
  • Recognizes and names colors
  • Sings parts of simple songs
  • Recalls past experiences

Social Emotional Social Emotional

  • Shows independence and awareness of body parts
  • Identifies and talks about personal feelings
  • Shows interest in helping with basic tasks

Language Language

  • Shows interest in books
  • Puts together simple sentences
  • Can talk about books
  • Can tell own age
  • Knows first and last name

Creative Creative

  • Believes stuffed animals are friends
  • Plays with rhyming words
  • Moves to music

Physical Physical

  • Runs with ease
  • Bends over easily
  • Rides a tricycle
  • Holds markers and crayons

Health & Care Health & Care

  • Almost all teeth in place
  • Controls motor behaviors
  • Body looks more proportional, longer legs and arms
  • Potty trains, able to stay dry between potty times