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Based on our Whole Child Birth to Age 5 Manuals

We have created a Parent Educational Program PARENT ACADEMY

Structured In Courses by AGE and SIX Areas of Development

Cognitive Cognitive

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Social Emotional Social Emotional

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Language Language

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Creative Creative

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Physical Physical

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Health & Care Health & Care

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PARENT ACADEMY Audio & Read Application Sinks with your Child TEST RESULTS

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GIVE US 10 Minutes a day Will teach you everything about your Child
WE MAKE IT EASY... NO MORE EXCUSES Become the best parent parent you can be!

See what users are saying:

Easy to follow

- Parent
Very informative and easy to follow. I have a 19 month old son.

New approach

- Expecting Mom
Parenting is a hard job, that sometimes becomes too stressful. The educational approach is described very well and it’s easy to understand.

Excellent source for new parents

- Two Year Old Mom
This is a guide for new parents. It tells you what you should expect from your 2 year old. It gives advices how to handle different situations.

What's Next? Follow THE Wholechild 5 Step Program

Commit Yourself

You need to commit quality time to raising your child. We have done everything else for you - created the Whole Child Program that covers everything you need to be a successful parent.

Educate Yourself

Addressing the whole child means knowing about the developmental milestones your child will experience at each age. The Parent Academy App makes easy to understand and follow this milestones

Create The Right Environment

Setting up an environment where your whole child will thrive plays a large role in all six areas of their development and it is important to have age-appropriate materials and furniture.

Use The Right Educational Materials

The Whole Child Program has created developmentally appropriate activities, worksheets , educational materials and age appropriate toys for children that are both fun and educational.

Test plan & Measure (stay on track)

Once you have set up your environment, the Whole Child Program makes staying on track easier by providing you with assessment and time planning tools.