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Health & Care Fruit Car

Directions: Peel a banana and slit it 1/3 of the way lengthwise at the top. Cut a kiwi into four round slices. Push toothpicks into place on the sides of the banana at each e...

Creative Coloring

Directions: Have your child color the mama cat and her kitten using crayons of different colors.

Cognitive Number Two

Directions: Point to the number 2 on the page. Say "two" out loud and have your child repeat after you. First have her trace the number 2 with her pointer finger (starting at...

Physical Walking

Directions: Give your child a toy train and place the toy on the floor. Ask him to walk around pushing the train in front of him. Give him praise for not falling while walking.

Physical Hit The Fish

Directions: Cut out three fish from colored paper. Spread them out on the floor. Have your child walk while bouncing a ball three times on each colored fish.

Language Top To Bottom

Directions: Have her help the planes go in for landing using a pencil. Ask her to trace the lines from top to bottom. Then have her trace the curved lines from top to bottom.

Creative Finger Paint

Directions: Have your child look at the boats. Take out finger paints in red and blue and have him paint the boat scene. Ask him what color he gets when he mixes red and blue...

Creative Purple

Directions: Have your child point to the train in the middle of the page. Ask him what color he sees on the train: purple. Have him color in all four of the pictures using a ...

Social Emotional Sign Language

Directions: With your child point to and look at the picture of the sign for please. Say the word please out loud while showing your child the sign.

Physical Moving On Different Surfaces

Directions: Take your toddler walking on grass. This will help her learn how to place her feet to keep her balance. Have your child color the picture below before you go.

Cognitive Top And Bottom

Directions: Ask your child to color the cats on top of the carpet brown. Then have him draw a cat's face in the picture on the bottom.

Physical Windmills

Directions: Start with feet spread apart and arms extended out to the sides. Bend over at the waist and tap the left hand to the left foot. Stand back up again and then bend ...