Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Whole Child?

A whole child is a child who is developed in all six areas: cognitive, social-emotional, language, creative, physical, and health and care development. A whole child grows up reaching his or her full potential. A whole child is a well-rounded person, someone whose innate talents have been developed in every major milestone category and who is ready to face the world with confidence!

What is the Whole Child Method?

The Whole Child method lays out six major developmental areas of your child’s growth and follows them through this year of your child’s development. Whole child parenting involves exposing your child to everything he needs to be happy, healthy, well adjusted, smart, and developing right on track.

What are the six areas of development?

The six areas of development are:

1. Cognitive development - the process of learning and the growth of intelligence and other mental capabilities, such as memory, reasoning, problem solving, and thinking.

2. Social-emotional development - Social-emotional skills reflect how effectively your child is able to interact in social settings.

3. Language development - Language development is how your child communicates, from basic sounds and gestures to the use of pictures in books and words for speaking.

4. Creative development – Creative development involves how your child uses music, art, movement, and dramatic play to express himself and build imaginative thinking.

5. Physical development - Physical development refers to your child’s control over fine motor skills (small muscle movements of fingers, toes, and wrists) and gross motor skills (bigger movements that use the large muscles in the arms, legs, and torso).

6. Health & care development - This area includes safety, grooming, self-help, and the health of your child, from small achievements like brushing his own teeth and large achievements such as potty training.

Who can use the Whole Child Method?

The Whole Child Method is for every adult who is involved in the child’s upbringing and development:

Childcare and in-home care centers

What resources do you offer?

The Whole Child Parenting Program offers parents and caregivers access to a wide range of resources that facilitate children’s complete development. We have created developmentally appropriate tools and materials for the whole child that are both fun and educational:

    •    Age Books and E-books
    •    Activity Books (Printed and Digital)
    •    The Whole Child Calendar
    •    Private parenting counselor/ artificial intelligence (ex: bots)
    •    Planners and organizers
    •    Room design tools
    •    Toys and Educational Bundles for all 6 areas of development
    •    Evaluation and monitoring tools
    •    Activity Sheets
    •    Mobile Apps
    •    Access to education and childcare services

How do we help parents?

We have created the Whole Child Parenting Program for busy people just like you. With interactive materials that support you at every step, using toys, workbooks, activities, videos, web support, and an app, the Whole Child Parenting Program takes into account the whole child and helps you, the parent, do what is necessary and best for your child at every stage, every age from infancy to five years old. It helps you parent with a purpose, giving you practical advice and materials that explain the whys and how-tos and goals of each step!

How do we help babysitters & childcarers?

As a babysitter, your presence will influence the child’s development in his first years of life. We give you the appropriate tools and resources to help children and also offer a unique training and certification program for childcare professionals that will help anyone that aims at a career in the early education field.

How do we help teachers?

We help teachers get access to the necessary resources, structured in different levels of access, to provide children with quality education and advance their careers.

What is the Whole Child Test?

The Whole Child Test is a quick and easy way to assess your child’s development in all six areas: cognitive, social-emotional, language, creative, physical, and health and care development.

What is the Whole Child Plan?

The Whole Child Plan is a customized way to grow your child’s skills in a fun and enjoyable way, using structured play. The plan focuses on complete academic know-how delivered in simple, color-coded, easy to follow steps adapted for our busy world.

What is the Whole Child Calendar?

The Whole Child Calendar is a customizable, color-coded calendar that allows you to plan daily activities for your child, depending on the areas that need to be improved.

What are the Whole Child Books?

The Whole Child books are the essence and foundation of the Program as they introduce parents, babysitters and caregivers with all the notions and concepts and provide all the necessary information to help understand each age in as little as 2 hours.

The books are packed with all relevant information for each age, all displayed in color-codes, images, practical examples and clear guides on the how to stimulate the child to reach the age appropriate milestones, how to organize the daily activities, what materials to use and lots more.

What are the Whole Child Activities?

The Whole Child activities have been developed to help the child learn and grow in all the skill areas that encompass a whole child. Unlike other activity books, Whole Child Activity Books are directed toward the parent/ caregiver, who then engages the child. This way you learn exactly how your child is progressing and what he is interested in.

Each Whole Child Activity Book is centered around a theme related to the child’s everyday life and preferences, like Transportation, Farm Animals, Under the Sea and many more, each coming in modules for each age group.