Age Four

About this age

Welcome to age four! This is a year with great changes in your child’s growing independence as well as in your relationship with your child. This year will bring more than just problem solving but also reasoning skills and curiosity. Age four is a great time to start communicating openly and comfortably with your child about all the questions and concerns he can articulate about himself and his environment and those in it.
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Age Four Manual

Cognitive Cognitive

  • Focuses attention more
  • Uses five senses to learn math concepts
  • Uses spatial language
  • Uses problem-solving skills
  • Memory and recall improve

Social Emotional Social Emotional

  • Builds strong peer ties
  • Uses language to express feelings and thoughts
  • Controls emotions better
  • Develops positive self-esteem and self-identity

Language Language

  • Attention span increases
  • Understands and comprehends meanings
  • Uses around 1,500 words
  • Gains phonetic knowledge and writing skills

Creative Creative

  • Creates music and responds to music pat terns
  • Creates and invents new forms of art
  • Dances and performs other body movements

Physical Physical

  • Hand-eye coordination skills develop
  • Uses senses to guide locomotion
  • Balance and endurance increase

Health & Care Health & Care

  • Better understands healthful lifestyles
  • Is independent with self-help skills
  • Understands some other cultures