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Creative Red

Directions: Point to the red boat and say, "red boat". Have your child use a red crayon to color the boat below.

Creative Choo-Choo!

Directions: Do the rhyming activity below with your child. Have her color the picture.

Social Emotional Talk About Feelings

Directions: Use pretend play as a chance to talk about feelings. Using a doll or stuffed animal in your play say to your child, "Kitty is sad because he fell down and got a b...

Physical Pulling Up

Directions: Place your infant on the floor to sit; stand next to him. Holding his hand encourage him to pull himself up while maintaining balance. He will fall several times ...

Physical Moving On Different Surfaces

Directions: Take your toddler walking on grass. This will help her learn how to place her feet to keep her balance. Have your child color the picture below before you go.

Health & Care Bathtime

Directions: Sit with your child. Start with the picture at top left and point to it and each subsequent picture. Say to your child, "Mommy/Daddy is running the water so (inse...

Cognitive Rectanges And Hearts

Directions: Have your child use blue, yellow, and red crayons to color the rectangles and hearts according to the color of the fish to the left.

Creative Green

Directions: Have your child look at the pictures below. Have her color all of the pictures that could be green: plant, frog, tree, shirt.

Creative Black

Directions: Point to the dog at the top. Ask your child to say what color spots the dog has: "black". Have your child color all the spots black on the dogs using a black crayon.

Health & Care Spinach, Mango, And Pear

Directions: Wash, peel, core, and dice mango and pear. Heat oil over medium-high heat. Add spinach and cook until wilted. Drain excess oil from spinach. Place spinach, mango,...

Creative Black

Directions: With your child, point to the small picture at the top and say "black dog". Have her repeat after you. Have your child color the big dog below using a black crayon.

Cognitive Up And Down

Directions: Have your child count the planes up in the sky. Ask him to circle the planes in the sky using a pencil. Have your child count the planes down on the ground. Ask h...