Child TEST

Do you wonder if your child is developing up to speed in all SiX Areas? Take the 10 minute TEST

Detailed TEST Results

Understand Your Child Detailed Test Results to discover his/her talents and opportunities to grow

Daily PLAN

Follow Your Child custom Daily Plan sto ensure balanced growth in all Six Areas of Development

Great Parenting Starts with Understending Your Child

How it works

The questions are color-coded for the SIX Areas of development and have multiple answers. Choose the closest answer that fits your child's current knowledge and skills.

Why do it?

Whole Child® Assessment TEST is a great tool to discover your child's talents (highlights his strengths) and opportunities of growth in each of the SIX Areas of Development.


Based on Your Child Test Results our algorithm will customize a unique daily Educational Plan with developmental appropriate activities and a learning class for you as a parent.

Understanding test results

Test Results

The Six Areas Assessment scores let parents and teachers know in real-time if the child is on-track and has accomplished all milestones in all areas of development. Green Score (over 70), represents normal development, while a Red Score (below 70), indicate where support is needed.

Detailed Results

Detailed TEST results give us very clear information about development in each of the subareas and milestones accomplished allowing to allocate more time, appropriate activities and support exactly where the child needs it the most. This way we can Plan and Track the progress.

What's next? We use the Child Score to create a Daily Educational Plan and integrate it with SIX Areas Activities and Parent Academy

Daily Plan

Our proprietary algorithm creates a Custom educational Daily Plan based on your child test results allocating more time in the areas where he needs support.

Six Areas Activities

We have created unique Activities and Worksheets that follow the SIX Areas of development from Birth to Age Five to be used with your child's Daily Plan.

Parent Academy

The Parent Academy App integrates with your child's test results, giving you custom academic knowledge that helps while working with your child.

See what users are saying:

Easy to follow

- Parent
Very informative and easy to follow. I have a 19 month old son.

New approach

- Expecting Mom
Parenting is a hard job, that sometimes becomes too stressful. The educational approach is described very well and it’s easy to understand.

Excellent source for new parents

- Two Year Old Mom
This is a guide for new parents. It tells you what you should expect from your 2 year old. It gives advices how to handle different situations.