Age Three

About this age

At three years old, children have better control of their emotions and begin problem solving and thinking of solutions to their problems instead of acting out by hit ting or screaming. They are developing a better sense of time and a clearer understanding of their daily routine. Because of this, three year olds are able to become more independent with personal care routines such as dressing and undressing themselves and washing their own hands. Three is a big year.
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Age Three Manual

Cognitive Cognitive

  • Names some colors
  • Understands the concept of counting
  • Recognizes some numbers and letters
  • Develops a sense of time

Social Emotional Social Emotional

  • Acts more independent
  • Plays with other children
  • Develops empathy for others

Language Language

  • Speaks in five to six word sentences
  • Tells stories
  • Asks questions

Creative Creative

  • Draws a person with two to four body parts
  • Engages in pretend play with peers

Physical Physical

  • Moves forward and backward
  • Stands on one foot for five seconds
  • Kicks ball forward
  • Copies and traces shapes

Health & Care Health & Care

  • Gains independence with brushing teeth
  • Develops daily routines
  • Exhibits preschool readiness