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Social Emotional House

Directions: Look at the pictures below and show your child how to make the sign for house.

Health & Care Bow Wow Fruit

Directions: Side view of a dog: Lay out the two pear halves on a plate, as shown. Use the slices of apricot to make the dog's legs, tail, mouth, and ear. Use raisins for the ...

Physical Toss The Ball

Directions: Give your child a ball and ask him to toss it to you. Toss the ball back to your child. Repeat the process several times. Have him use different colored crayons t...

Cognitive Number Two

Directions: Point to the number 2. Say "two" and have your child repeat after you. Count the number of buses together: "One, two". First have her trace the number 2 with her ...

Social Emotional About Me

Directions: Look in a mirror with your child. Ask your child what color hair she has. Find a crayon color that best matches that color and have your child color in the boy's ...

Social Emotional Sign Language

Directions: With your child point to and look at the picture of the sign for family. Say the word family out loud while showing your child the sign.

Language Top To Bottom

Directions: Have her help the planes go in for landing using a pencil. Ask her to trace the lines from top to bottom. Then have her trace the curved lines from top to bottom.

Cognitive Number Three

Directions: Ask your child to look at the number on the page and tell you what it is: number 3. Have him follow the arrows numbered 1, 2, 3 to trace the number 3 using a blue...

Health & Care Monthly Development Log

Directions: Every month use the chart below to record your child's height, weight, and favorite things.

Creative Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Directions: Read and sing the rhyme below to your child. Give her crayons of different colors. Have her color the scene below.

Cognitive Big And Small

Directions: Ask your child to color each big train purple and each small train green. Then have him draw lines from each big train to each small train.

Cognitive Rectangle And Heart

Directions: Ask your child what shape she sees on the fish: rectangle. Then ask what shape she sees under the fish: heart. Starting at the black dot have her trace both recta...