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Language Top To Bottom

Directions: Look at the plane. Have your child trace the lines from top to bottom with her pointer finger (starting at the green dot and stopping at the red dot). Then have h...

Creative Little Bird

Directions: Read the rhyme below to your child. Give her crayons of different colors. Have her color the board.

Health & Care Monthly Development Log

Directions: Every month use the chart below to record your child's height, weight, and favorite things.

Physical Balance On A Road

Directions: Lift your foot while standing on the other foot. Ask your child to imitate you. If you need to, grab and hold your shoe for more balance. See who can balance the ...

Language Top To Bottom, Curved Lines

Directions: Have your child start at the black dot and trace the straight lines top to bottom using a black crayon. Then ask him to trace the curved lines top to bottom.

Creative Pointillism Painting

Directions: Set out black and brown finger paint in small cups with two Q-tips. Have your child dab the Q-tip with the paint onto the picture.

Language Letter T

Directions: Have your child look for the letter T. Then have her color in all the spaces with a T using a red crayon.