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Social Emotional Good Manners

Directions: Explain to your child, "Manners help us learn to respect one another. Always say please when you ask someone for something. Always say thank you when someone give...

Cognitive Short And Long

Directions: Have your child point to the long boat. Next have her point to the short boat. Have your child draw a circle around the short boat using a red crayon.

Language I Can Hear You

Directions: Sit on the floor with your baby. Use a play phone to demonstrate how to hold the phone to your ear and talk. Then give the phone to your baby and let her explore....

Language Left To Right And Top To Bottom

Directions: Starting at the black dot have your child trace the lines from left to right using a purple crayon. Then ask her to trace the lines from top to bottom.

Creative Kitten Kisses

Directions: Read the rhyme below to your child and have her color the picture. Then have her tell you what the cat is thinking, and you write it in the thought bubble.

Language Letter D

Directions: Have your child point to and say the letter "D". Then say the letter sound "DUH"; have him repeat it. Together read each word out loud. Have your child circle the...

Creative Little Bird

Directions: Read the rhyme below to your child. Give her crayons of different colors. Have her color the board.

Physical Tummy Time

Directions: If your baby is under four months, place him in your arms with his tummy on your forearm, facing down toward the floor. If he is over four months have tummy time ...

Creative Red

Directions: Have your child look at the boats below. Have him color them red.

Physical Sitting

Directions: Place your baby on the floor and rest a bed pillow or nursing pillow behind her back if she is unable to sit independently. Put fun, baby- safe objects within her...

Social Emotional Clean Up

Directions: After a family meal simply ask your toddler to carry her plate to the sink. Be encouraging and give praise: "Can you be a really helpful big girl and carry your p...

Language Letter C

Directions: Say the letter "C". Say the sound it makes: "KUH". Have your child repeat after you. Have her look at each picture and circle each letter C in all four pictures u...