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Creative Row The Boat

Directions: Say the rhyme below to your child and have him color the picture.

Cognitive Big And Small

Directions: Have your child point to the big train. Next have her point to the small train. Have your child use a purple crayon to draw a circle around the small train.

Language Letter C

Directions: Have your child say the name of each picture. Have her draw a circle around the C in each name using a pencil. Then ask her to draw a line under the object that s...

Language Sign Language

Directions: Sit your baby on your lap so that he is facing you. Say the word hear out loud while showing your baby the sign for hear.

Language Letter D

Directions: Have your child count the dogs in the picture. Ask her the beginning sound of the word dog: DUH. Have her color in all the paw prints that have the letter D, DUH.

Creative Coloring

Directions: Have your child color the plane using red, yellow, and blue crayons. Ask him to practice coloring inside the lines.

Cognitive More Or Less

Directions: Have your child count the cars in each section. Using a pencil, ask her to circle the quantity of colored cars that is more. Next have her color the group below t...

Language Letter F

Directions: Have your child trace the letter F. Then read the phrase four fish aloud. Then have her trace the letters F in the phrase.

Creative Green

Directions: Point to the green bird and say "green bird". Have your child use a green crayon to color the bird below.

Social Emotional Sharing

Directions: Show your child the picture below. Ask her to tell you what she sees the children sharing in the picture: a ball. Ask your child why the children are sharing. Giv...

Creative Choo-Choo!

Directions: Point to the picture of the train. Read the action rhyme and do the actions below with your infant.

Cognitive Circle And Square

Directions: Have your child use a pencil to trace the circles and squares. Then ask him to use a blue and green crayon to complete the pattern of the circles and squares at t...