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Creative My Kittens

Directions: Read the rhyme below to your child. Have her color the cat picture with different color crayons.

Social Emotional Stay Close

Directions: Introduce your baby to new people from the safety of your arms. Ask the person or family member to approach your baby slowly. You can give them one of your baby's...

Cognitive Number Two

Directions: Point to the number 2. Say "two" and have your child repeat after you. Count the number of buses together: "One, two". First have her trace the number 2 with her ...

Physical Stepping

Directions: Use a bottle of bubbles or make your own bubble mix. Blow bubbles and encourage your child to step on them as they hit the ground or catch them as they float.

Language Letter B

Directions: Ask your child what picture she sees: boat. Then ask her to tell you one word that starts with the letter B, BUH: boat. Next have her trace each letter B by follo...

Social Emotional House

Directions: Look at the pictures below and show your child how to make the sign for house.

Creative Little Kitty Cat

Directions: Point to the picture of the cat. Read the rhyme and do the actions below with your infant. You can also sign the rhyme to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot". Liste...

Cognitive Big And Small

Directions: Have your child point to the big dogs. Next have her point to the small dogs. Have your child draw a circle around each of the big dogs using a black crayon.

Creative Coloring

Directions: Give your child a blue and green crayon. Have him color the planes below, praising him for using both green and blue, regardless of the end result.

Physical Windmills

Directions: Start with feet spread apart and arms extended out to the sides. Bend over at the waist and tap the left hand to the left foot. Stand back up again and then bend ...

Cognitive Number Four

Directions: Ask your child to use a pencil to trace the number 4 on the line. Have your child find the number 4 on the birds in the tree. Ask her to draw a circle around each...

Language Letter B

Directions: Say the letter out loud: "B". Have your child repeat after you. Point to the word boat and say, "B, BUH, boat". Have her trace the letter B with a pencil. Then ha...