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Cognitive Long And Short

Directions: Looking at the top picture, have your child draw a circle around the long fish. Then have her draw a circle around the short fish. Next have her color the box bel...

Health & Care Cat Up The Wall

Directions: Look at the picture below with your child. Lie on your back then slowly raise your legs up straight toward the sky. Flex your feet, spread your arms out to either...

Physical Balance On The Spot

Directions: Ask your child to watch and imitate what he sees you doing. Grab and hold one foot while standing on the other foot. See how long both of you can last without fal...

Language Sign Language

Directions: Sit your baby on your lap so that he is facing you. Say the word hear out loud while showing your baby the sign for hear.

Cognitive Bird On The Bed

Directions: Look at the picture with your child. Ask your child to point to the bird on the bed. Give her a green crayon and have her color the bird on the bed.

Cognitive Heart And Rectangle

Directions: Have your child use a pencil to trace the heart and rectangle. Then have him connect the dots to draw in the rest of the heart and rectangle that are missing thei...

Creative Choo-Choo!

Directions: Point to the picture of the train. Read the action rhyme and do the actions below with your infant.

Social Emotional Happy

Directions: Point to the train below. Explain to your child that the train has a happy face. Have her show you her happy face. Have your child use a yellow crayon to color th...

Language Letter F

Directions: Have your child trace the letter F. Then read the phrase four fish aloud. Then have her trace the letters F in the phrase.

Cognitive Circles And Squares

Directions: Have your child use a pencil to trace the circles and squares. Then have him color in the shapes in any color.

Language Letter C

Directions: Have your child say the name of each picture. Have her draw a circle around the C in each name using a pencil. Then ask her to draw a line under the object that s...

Creative Row The Boat

Directions: Say the rhyme below to your child and have him color the picture.