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Creative Green

Directions: Have your child use a green crayon to color the wings on the parrot. Then give her orange, brown, and yellow crayons to color the rest of the bird and the perch.

Health & Care Monthly Development Log

Directions: Every month use the chart below to record your child’s height, weight, and favorite things.

Cognitive Short And Long

Directions: Have your child look at the pictures in each section below to determine if the boats are short or long. Have him use a pencil to circle all the short colored boat...

Creative Little Fish

Directions: Read the rhyme below to your child. Give him crayons of different colors. Have him color the fish.

Physical Let's Sit

Directions: Have your child get on his hands and knees. Explain to him that when he hears you say "sit", he should sit like the dog in the picture with his rear on the floor ...

Creative Two Little Cars

Directions: Read the rhyme below to your child. Have him color the picture below.

Physical Tossing Paper

Directions: Look at the picture below together. Cats love balled up paper. Place a basket a few feet away from your child. Give your child balled up paper and have him toss i...