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Creative One Wheel, Two Wheels

Directions: Read the rhyme below to your child. Give him crayons of different colors. Have him color the car.

Social Emotional Happy

Directions: Have your child point to one of the yellow happy faces. Have her say the emotion on the face: "happy". Have her use a purple crayon to draw lines from each yellow...

Creative Coloring

Directions: Give your child an orange and a green crayon. Have him color the fish below, praising him for using both orange and green, regardless of the end result.

Language Letter T

Directions: Point to the letter T at the top of the page and say "T, T U H". Point to the word train and say "train". Have your child use a pencil to trace the letter T on th...

Language Letter D

Directions: Have your child count the dogs in the picture. Ask her the beginning sound of the word dog: DUH. Have her color in all the paw prints that have the letter D, DUH.

Social Emotional Happy

Directions: Point to the train below. Explain to your child that the train has a happy face. Have her show you her happy face. Have your child use a yellow crayon to color th...

Social Emotional Sharing

Directions: Show your child the picture below. Ask her to tell you what she sees the children sharing in the picture: a ball. Ask your child why the children are sharing. Giv...

Creative Little Fish

Directions: Point to the fish teething ring in the baby's mouth. Say the rhyme below to your baby. The first time, say the rhyme in a louder voice and the second time in a so...

Health & Care Monthly Development Log

Directions: Every month use the chart below to record your child's height, weight, naptimes, favorite food, song, and toy, and any other milestones you want to remember.

Language Left To Right

Directions: Show your child the two pictures below. First have her trace the lines from left to right with her pointer finger (starting at the green dot and stopping at the r...

Health & Care Brushing Teeth

Directions: Have your child look at the pictures. Have him follow the directions below: Write a 1 under the picture that happened first; write a 2 under the picture that happ...

Creative Red

Directions: Have your child look at the boats below. Have him color them red.