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Social Emotional Manners

Directions: Grab a piece of tissue. Have your child take a deep breath, hold the tissue about an inch from his face, and see if he can move it by blowing the air from his nos...

Cognitive Explore The Stacker

Directions: Place your baby on the floor and give him stacking rings. After placing it on the floor in front of your baby give him a few minutes to explore and interact with ...

Creative Green

Directions: Point to the green bird and say "green bird". Have your child use a green crayon to color the bird below.

Creative Coloring

Directions: Have your child color the plane using red, yellow, and blue crayons. Ask him to practice coloring inside the lines.

Cognitive Long And Short

Directions: Have your child point to the long fish on top of the line. Next have him point to the short fish on top of the line. Have him draw a circle around all of the long...

Language Letter C

Directions: Say "C" and have your child repeat after you. First have her trace the letter C with her pointer finger (starting at the green dot and stopping at the red dot). N...

Creative Footprint Puppy

Directions: Take your baby's foot and press it on an inkpad. Then press her foot on the paper to make a footprint. Use the image below for guidance. When print dries draw in ...

Cognitive Short And Long

Directions: Have your child point to the long boat. Next have her point to the short boat. Have your child draw a circle around the short boat using a red crayon.

Language Letter K

Directions: Say the name of each of the four pictures (kitten, kite, key, and fork). Have your child draw a line from each K to each picture that starts with K, KUH using a b...

Language Letter P

Directions: Have your child say the name of each picture. Then have her use a pencil to trace the letter P on each line.

Language Letter F

Directions: Each picture is grouped with two letters. Have your child use a pencil to draw a line to connect the picture to the letter it starts with.

Cognitive Number Two

Directions: Look at the number and say "two". First have your child trace the number 2 below following the arrows 1, 2. Then have her count the dogs and write on the blank li...