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General Permission to Apply

Directions: Permission to Apply

General Checklist for Children

Directions: Checklist for Children

General Enrollment Meeting Script and Guidelines

Directions: Enrollment Meeting Script and Guidelines

General Change of Program Request

Directions: Change of Program Request

General Preschool Daily Schedule

Directions: Preschool Daily Schedule

General Pre-K Daily Sheet

Directions: Pre-K Daily Sheet

General Daily Director Checklist

Directions: Your Daily Checklist for tasks completed as Director

General TRANSPORTATION Monthly Box Toddler

Directions: TRANSPORTATION Monthly Box Toddler Everything you need for the full month

Language Letter C

Directions: With your child point to the big letter C in the middle of the page. Say the letter "C" and have your child repeat after you. Then read aloud the four objects bel...

Creative Handprint Bird

Directions: Take your child's hand and press it on any color inkpad. Then press her hand on paper to make a handprint. Use the image below for guidance. Draw a beak, legs, an...

Cognitive Number Four

Directions: Point to the number 4 on the page. Say "four" out loud and have your child repeat it. Have her trace the number 4 with her finger (starting at the green dot and e...

Language Letter B

Directions: Point to the boat and say, "B, BUH, boat". Point to the solid B and say "B"; have your child repeat after you. First have her trace the letter B with her pointer ...