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Creative Coloring

Directions: Using the four crayon colors, ask your child to color the train picture according to what number and color is on the key.

Cognitive Exploring The Cat

Directions: Place a stuffed toy cat in your baby's hands and let her explore freely. Because your baby will put the cat in his mouth, provide close supervision and be sure th...

Cognitive Short And Long

Directions: Have your child point to the long boat. Next have her point to the short boat. Have your child draw a circle around the short boat using a red crayon.

Language Top To Bottom, Curved Lines

Directions: Have your child trace the straight lines from top to bottom with a pencil. Now have her trace the curved line. Then ask her to draw the rest of the curved line th...

Creative Coloring

Directions: Have your child color the plane using red, yellow, and blue crayons. Ask him to practice coloring inside the lines.

Cognitive Long And Short

Directions: Have your child point to the long fish on top of the line. Next have him point to the short fish on top of the line. Have him draw a circle around all of the long...

Creative Green

Directions: Point to the green bird and say "green bird". Have your child use a green crayon to color the bird below.

Creative Finger Painting

Directions: Give your child blue and yellow finger paint. Have him paint the picture below. Ask him to blend and mix the paint colors together to see the new color he makes: ...

Cognitive Explore The Stacker

Directions: Place your baby on the floor and give him stacking rings. After placing it on the floor in front of your baby give him a few minutes to explore and interact with ...

Creative Footprint Car

Directions: Take your child's foot and press it on an ink pad. Then press her foot a piece of paper to make a footprint. Draw wheels to make a car. Use the image below for gu...

Cognitive More Or Less

Directions: Have your child count the cars in each section. Using a pencil, ask her to circle the quantity of colored cars that is more. Next have her color the group below t...

Cognitive Bird On The Bed

Directions: Look at the picture with your child. Ask your child to point to the bird on the bed. Give her a green crayon and have her color the bird on the bed.