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Cognitive Short And Long

Directions: Have your child point to the long boat. Next have her point to the short boat. Have your child draw a circle around the short boat using a red crayon.

Language Letter C

Directions: Point to the letter on the page and say "C" to your child. Then have your child say "C" with you. Help your child trace the inside of the C with her pointer finge...

Creative Coloring

Directions: Give your child an orange and a green crayon. Have him color the fish below, praising him for using both orange and green, regardless of the end result.

Language Curved Lines

Directions: Show your child the pictures below. First have her trace the curved lines with her pointer finger (starting at the green dot and stopping at the red dot). Next ha...

Language Letter P

Directions: Point to the parrot and say "parrot". Have your child repeat it. Do the same for the word parrot. Have her trace the letter P with her pointer finger (starting at...

Language I Can Read

Directions: Let your child explore books at every opportunity. Rather than talking about the pictures in the book, give your baby the opportunity to explore the book himself....

Language Letter P

Directions: Point to the red letter P and say "P, PUH". Have your child color, using a green crayon, each parrot that has the letter P on it. As he colors the birds with a P,...

Cognitive Explore The Stacker

Directions: Place your baby on the floor and give him stacking rings. After placing it on the floor in front of your baby give him a few minutes to explore and interact with ...

Language Top To Bottom, Slanted

Directions: Have your child trace each straight line from top to bottom using a pencil. Then ask him to trace each slanted line from top to bottom.

Creative Green

Directions: Point to the green bird and say "green bird". Have your child use a green crayon to color the bird below.

Creative Choo-Choo!

Directions: Point to the picture of the train. Read the action rhyme and do the actions below with your infant.

Social Emotional Manners

Directions: Grab a piece of tissue. Have your child take a deep breath, hold the tissue about an inch from his face, and see if he can move it by blowing the air from his nos...