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Language Letter D

Directions: Have your child count the dogs in the picture. Ask her the beginning sound of the word dog: DUH. Have her color in all the paw prints that have the letter D, DUH.

Language Letter K

Directions: Say the name of each of the four pictures (kitten, kite, key, and fork). Have your child draw a line from each K to each picture that starts with K, KUH using a b...

Creative Little Kitten

Directions: Read the rhyme below to your child. Have her color in the kitten in the basket using brown, gold, and maroon crayons.

Language Babbling

Directions: Teach your infant new sounds while engaging him in interactive conversations when he's babbling. Repeat the sounds your infant makes and then add some new sounds ...

Creative My Kittens

Directions: Read the rhyme below to your child. Have her color the cat picture with different color crayons.

Cognitive Number Three

Directions: Point to the number 3. Say "three" out loud; have your child repeat it. Looking at the pictures on the top line, have him count the fish bowls and say how many he...

Language Letter B

Directions: While sitting together, hold your toddler's hand and together run her finger along the letter B. Point to the three colored boats and name them (green boat, blue ...

Creative Fish From The Sea

Directions: Say the rhyme below to your child.

Social Emotional Sign Language

Directions: With your child look at and point to the picture of the sign for toy. Say the word toy out loud while showing your child the sign.

Cognitive Number Four

Directions: Ask your child to use a pencil to trace the number 4 on the line. Have your child find the number 4 on the birds in the tree. Ask her to draw a circle around each...

Social Emotional Emotional Development

Directions: Help your infant learn about different emotions by making faces at him and encouraging him to copy you. Say the name of the emotion as you make the face. Stick to...

Cognitive More Or Less

Directions: Have your child point to the road with more cars. Next have her point to the road with fewer cars. Have your child draw a circle around the road with more cars us...