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Language A New Story

Directions: Show a new picture book about cars to your child. Point to the pictures as you read the book.

Cognitive More Or Less

Directions: Have your child count the cars in each group. Ask him to use a green crayon to circle the group that has more cars. Then have him circle the group that has fewer ...

Cognitive Number Two

Directions: Look at the number and say "two". First have your child trace the number 2 below following the arrows 1, 2. Then have her count the dogs and write on the blank li...

Language Letter C

Directions: Say "C" and have your child repeat after you. First have her trace the letter C with her pointer finger (starting at the green dot and stopping at the red dot). N...

Language Letter K

Directions: Say the name of each of the four pictures (kitten, kite, key, and fork). Have your child draw a line from each K to each picture that starts with K, KUH using a b...

Physical Strong Muscles

Directions: Sit on the floor with your infant and sing the following action rhyme to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". Do the motions along with the rhyme.

Language Letter P

Directions: Have your child say the name of each picture. Then have her use a pencil to trace the letter P on each line.

Language Letter F

Directions: Each picture is grouped with two letters. Have your child use a pencil to draw a line to connect the picture to the letter it starts with.

Physical Up High

Directions: Sit on the floor facing your baby. Begin by raising your arms above your head as you say "up high". Once you have your baby's attention, see if she raises her arm...

Cognitive Circle

Directions: Take out a ring and place it in front of your infant. Encourage your baby to explore the ring using his hands. Describe the shape to your baby by saying, "Your ri...

Creative Coloring

Directions: Give your child an orange and a green crayon. Have him color the fish below, praising him for using both orange and green, regardless of the end result.

Creative Red

Directions: Have your child look at the boats below. Have him color them red.