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Language I Can Read

Directions: Let your child explore books at every opportunity. Rather than talking about the pictures in the book, give your baby the opportunity to explore the book himself....

Language Letter F

Directions: Point to the fish and the word fish and say "fish". Have your child repeat. Point to the big letter F and say, "F, FUH". Have her repeat. Then have her trace the ...

Social Emotional Manners

Directions: Grab a piece of tissue. Have your child take a deep breath, hold the tissue about an inch from his face, and see if he can move it by blowing the air from his nos...

Language Top To Bottom, Slanted

Directions: Have your child trace each straight line from top to bottom using a pencil. Then ask him to trace each slanted line from top to bottom.

Social Emotional Sharing

Directions: Show your child the picture below. Ask her to tell you what she sees the children sharing in the picture: a ball. Ask your child why the children are sharing. Giv...

Creative Choo-Choo!

Directions: Point to the picture of the train. Read the action rhyme and do the actions below with your infant.

Cognitive Long And Short

Directions: Have your child point to the long fish on top of the line. Next have him point to the short fish on top of the line. Have him draw a circle around all of the long...

Cognitive Circle And Square

Directions: Have your child say the name of the shape on the wheels of the car: "circle". Next have him say the name of the shape of the windows on the car: "square". Have hi...

Language Letter K

Directions: Point to the letter K at the top of the page. Say "K, KUH". Point to the kitten and ask your child what it is. Then point to the word and say, "kitten". Have your...

Creative Red

Directions: Have your child look at the boats below. Have him color them red.

Language Letter P

Directions: Have your child say the name of each picture. Then have her use a pencil to trace the letter P on each line.

Cognitive Bird On The Bed

Directions: Look at the picture with your child. Ask your child to point to the bird on the bed. Give her a green crayon and have her color the bird on the bed.