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Physical Blow The Feather

Directions: Have your child lie on the floor. Place some colored fake feathers on the floor in front of him. Have him practice blowing the colored feathers across the floor.

Physical Balance On A Road

Directions: Place a strip of masking tape on the floor in a room. Have your child stand on the tape, lift one leg, and raise his arms for balance. Start counting and see how ...

Physical Strong Muscles

Directions: Sit on the floor with your infant and sing the following action rhyme to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". Do the motions along with the rhyme.

Physical Up High

Directions: Sit on the floor facing your baby. Begin by raising your arms above your head as you say "up high". Once you have your baby's attention, see if she raises her arm...

Physical Walking

Directions: Hold your infant's hands or place your hands under her arms and help her take steps around the room. While you are walking chant the rhyme below.

Physical Animal Movements

Directions: Have your child start from a sitting position on the floor. As you say each line of the rhyme, have your child listen and move as directed.

Physical Arms Stretched Out

Directions: Ask your child to put out his arms. Then have him raise his arms up to his shoulders. Read the chant below while your child flies around the house.

Physical Fly Around

Directions: Get four boxes. (Shoe boxes work well). Number the boxes 1 to 4. Spread out the boxes on the ground. Explain that you will shout out a random number. When your ch...

Physical Pulling Up

Directions: Place your infant on the floor to sit; stand next to him. Holding his hand encourage him to pull himself up while maintaining balance. He will fall several times ...

Physical Hip Lifts

Directions: Place your little one on her back. Her feet should be flat on the ground. Slide your hands around her waist while holding her back. Raise her torso two to four in...

Physical Throwing

Directions: Standing across from your child, give her a ball and encourage her to throw it to you. Practice back and forth. Let your child use crayon colors of her choice to ...

Physical Walking While Balancing

Directions: Tie a string around a toy train. Place the toy train on the floor. Have your child walk around the house pulling the train behind him. Have him walk slowly and th...