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Language Letter T

Directions: Have your child say the letter at the top of the page: "T". Have your child circle each letter T in the box using a purple crayon. Then ask her to trace each lett...

Language Letter C

Directions: Have your child use a green crayon to follow the arrow 1 to 2 to trace each letter C. Then ask her to color in the car.

Creative Coloring

Directions: Have your child color the plane using red, yellow, and blue crayons. Ask him to practice coloring inside the lines.

Language Letter P

Directions: Point to the red letter P and say "P, PUH". Have your child color, using a green crayon, each parrot that has the letter P on it. As he colors the birds with a P,...

Cognitive Circles And Squares

Directions: Ask your child what shapes he sees on the page: circles and squares. Starting at the black dot have him trace each circle with a red crayon and each square with a...

Creative Red

Directions: Have your child look at the boats below. Have him color them red.

Cognitive Number Four

Directions: Read the word at the top aloud, "four". Then have your child trace each number 4 starting at each of the black dots and following the arrows 1, 2. Have her count ...

Health & Care Monthly Development Log

Directions: Every month use the chart below to record your child's height, weight, hairstyle, favorite colors and songs, and any new words she may have learned.

Cognitive Number Two

Directions: Look at the number and say "two". First have your child trace the number 2 below following the arrows 1, 2. Then have her count the dogs and write on the blank li...

Cognitive Circle And Square

Directions: Have your child say the name of the shape on the wheels of the car: "circle". Next have him say the name of the shape of the windows on the car: "square". Have hi...

Creative Finger Painting

Directions: Give your child blue and yellow finger paint. Have him paint the picture below. Ask him to blend and mix the paint colors together to see the new color he makes: ...

Cognitive Big And Small

Directions: Ask your child to color in all of the big trains at the top. Have her draw a circle around all of the small trains at the bottom.