Mind and Body


Babies benefit greatly from participating in yoga. Yoga encompasses the whole body and is beneficial for both body and mind.

It can set a foundation for your infant at birth for future exercise and movement while also promoting less stress and calm behavior, which can lead to better sleeping and a calmer temperament.

Through the movements of yoga (which you will have to simulate most likely as your child will not have the motor skills to accomplish the movements on his own), your baby’s organs are being massaged and stimulated, specif ically those organs in the digestive and nervous systems. Physically, you and your baby are exploring body movements more, which will make your baby more conf ident with his physical abilities and can build his self-esteem. Try lightly massaging his body, pushing his legs gently into his tummy and stretching them out gently, and pulling his arms out gently and gently pushing them in.

Stimulation of the nervous system can calm babies between feedings and before going to sleep, which helps with the balance of their daily routine. Stimulation of the nervous system can also contribute to brain and cognitive development.

Yoga is another great opportunity to bond with your baby as you lie together and explore his body through nonverbal communication. By having this opportunity for calm, nonverbal communication, you are building the groundwork for his future social interactions.

Get into doing yoga and massage with your child on a regular basis to start him off on the right path for regular exercise.

While your infant is too young to imitate and practice poses with you, he will nonetheless benefit from physical activity with you.