Grows up to reach its
full potential


Is ready to face the world with confidence


Must be developed in

We have created a unique program that allows You, The PARENT (Caregiver) to Understand, Plan, Measure and Track the development of your child WHOLE CHILD PROGRAM

We look at the Child through Each Age

and through The Six Areas of Development

Covering all the general developmental milestones your child will experience at each age and each stage in his journey.

Whole Child Program Educates The PARENT who then engages The CHILD

Birth to Age Five
Parenting Course App
Assessment TEST + Daily Plan
Six Areas Resources

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Easy to follow

- Parent
Very informative and easy to follow. I have a 19 month old son.

New approach

- Expecting Mom
Parenting is a hard job, that sometimes becomes too stressful. The educational approach is described very well and it’s easy to understand.

Excellent source for new parents

- Two Year Old Mom
This is a guide for new parents. It tells you what you should expect from your 2 year old. It gives advices how to handle different situations.

Below you have an Introduction of THE SIX AREAS OF DEVELOPMENT Enroll in PARENT ACADEMY for full understanding of your child development

1. Cognitive Development

Cognitive development refers to how your child’s mind is working and his process of learning.

Your child’s brain grows so fast that 250,000 nerve cells are added every minute.

Cognitive development refers to the building of thinking methods, which includes how your child will remember, problem solve, and make decisions from now and into adulthood

2. Social Emotional

Social-emotional development refers to your child’s ability to understand the feelings of others, manage strong emotions and expressions in a positive way, and start and keep relationships.

He must learn to recognize and regulate his emotions and reactions while communicating his feelings.

You give him a sense of comfort, safety, confidence, encouragement.

3. Language Development

Language development is how your child communicates, from basic sounds and gestures to the use of pictures in books and words for speaking.

From age one to three, children will learn 1,000 to 2,000 new words. As your child approaches age three, his language skills will become more fluent.

He will begin to tell stories, ask questions, and describe people and objects.

4. Creative Development

Creative development involves how your child uses music, art, movement, and dramatic play to express himself and build imaginative thinking.

Music and movement build your child’s gross motor skills (big muscles) by allowing your child to test balance and large body movements. Visual art builds your child’s fine motor skills (small muscles) by exploring materials such as paint- brushes, and crayons.

5. Physical Development

Physical development refers to your child’s control over fine motor skills (small muscle movements of fingers, toes, and wrists) and gross motor skills (use the large muscles in the arms, legs, and torso).

It plays a large role in children developing independence and self-help skills( getting dressed, feeding themselves) and sense of trust in her physical skills (throwing, kicking).

6. Health & Care

Health and Care covers all the well being of your child, from hygiene, diet, potty training ,routine to health visits and yoga.

As your child grows older, he becomes more independent from brushing his own teeth to bigger accomplishments like potty training and yoga.

It is crucial for parents to understand and ensure that their children are getting what they need to grow and develop.