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A Whole Child must develop in all SIX AREAS Age Manuals

WHOLE CHILD PROGRAM Step by step daily program that helps you raise Smart, Creative, Happy and Healthy Children

The Program is directed to the Parent, Caregiver who then engages the Child

Our Program Based on early education Learning Standards and Milestones for each age and developed stage and is structured to cover

SIX AREAS of Development

What to do · why to do it · how to do it


Tailored on your child current developmental status. It covers all Six Areas. The Plan is used together with the Assessment Test and interactive Calendar. They are linked to personal Activities and the Age Manual giving you a streamlined experience


Your Birth to Five parent manuals in your phone (a digital version). You can read or listen daily to our fun and easy Parenting lessons. Gives You access to all the knowledge you need to understand your child. Audio mode is also available for your convenience.


Unlimited access to our unique Six Areas Activities, Worksheets & Materials to support your child development. They are structured on to cove cognitive, social, language, creative, physical and health & care areas

How The Program Works

1 Whole Child Test

Complete our easy to follow Six Areas Assesment Test to get your childs current developmental status.
Area Score - above 70% represents a normal development, while a score below 70% means that the child needs support

2 Daily plan

Based on your child test results, our proprietary algorithm will create a custom educational plan for your whole child with daily activities in the six areas: cognitive, social-emotional, creative, language, physical, and health & care.

3 Age Manuals

Our Birth to Age Five Manuals make it easy to understand your child.
The content is also available in audio mode for your convenience, and is linked to each area test results and resources, giving You access to all our academic content when you need it most.

4 Activities & Worksheets

Our Activities & Worksheets are directed toward the parent/educator who then engages the child. They are specifically designed to cover all the six areas of development.

Whole Child Attributes

A whole child is a well-rounded person and lifelong learner.

A whole child is ready to face the world with confidence.

A whole child has self-esteem, knowledge, and creativity.

A whole child will live a happy and fulfilling life.

A whole child will reach his true potential.